Villa Cesare – Authentic Italian Restaurant & Bar in Luštica Bay

Tony’s Bar

Elevate Your Night at Tony’s Bar


Authentic Recipes, Local Ingredients

Looking for the perfect stop for an afternoon aperitivo or a place to elevate your night out?

At Tony’s Bar, you’ll find it all. Enjoy drinks as captivating as the DJ’s beats, crafted with authentic recipes and local ingredients. From perfectly shaken classics to surprising new creations, our cocktails are presented in a unique manner that will leave you wanting more.


Our Cocktails:

  • Sofia
  • Maria
  • Monica
  • Barbara
  • Claudia
  • Julia
  • Sandra
  • Samantha
  • Suzanna Senza Panna
  • Federica
  • Yelena (Rajia)
  • Mamma Mia
  • Elena
Tony’s Bar

Join us at Tony’s Bar for an unforgettable experience where every sip and sound is designed to delight your senses.